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Key event Track Stars

Scroll down to discover more about the main speakers of the three rooms/tracks of the event, including Simon Wardley.

In collaboration with:

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Simon Wardley

Creator of Map Camp

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Former advisory board member of startups. creator of Map Camp and Wardley Mapping.

Cat Swetel

Society Track 
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Cat is a technology leader deeply interested in exploring how digital transformation facilitates relationships and could create conditions for more generative institutions. In addition to leadership experience in a variety of settings from startups to large enterprises, Cat is also an accomplished public speaker delivering keynotes, workshops, etc all around the world. In her leisure time, Cat enjoys cooking, hiking, making jokes about Bitcoin, and reading feminist literature. 

Damian Ondore.png

Damian Ondore

Resilience Track

An Open Source enthusiast and advocate, I've spent my career as an enterprise sales professional working to make meaningful human impact through the application of technology. I met Simon many years ago while sitting next to each other in an innovative company. I now work on helping the Energy and Utility industries embrace the cloud economy with Google Cloud. I map to better understand my customers, their customers, and to make sense of the wider world. I joined Mapcamp to share the power of Mapping with everyone. 

Gen Ashley

Sustainability Track
Gen Ashley.png

Gen is the Director of Women who Code London and is a very active leader in the tech community in London. She is also part of the leadership committee for ada’s list (a network for women in technology). Gen has been involved with Map Camp since it began.


Steve Hutson

Founder of Superstars

I have had the pleasure of being a friend and colleague to Simon for many years and from the beginning, I have been a fan of Mapping, which in turn helps the industry and the community it creates. I am honoured to be called a disruptor in my world for the last 8 years and have created Superstars as a small thriving community for Talent attraction. I am proud to be part of this unique event and through this amazing platform able to give back to the charities we are representing. Contact me at for any help or advice you may need.

Jane Kingston

Event Manager

I have known Simon for 10+ years from when we both worked at Leading Edge Forum (LEF).  I've been involved in Map Camp since the beginning when Simon called me and asked for my help when a Tweet asking if anyone would like to meet up for a chat on Mapping turned into 200+ people interested.

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