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Recovery & Sustainability

This year we’re reserving part of our program for short, 10-minute talks staying close to our theme of Recovery & Sustainability.

Wardley Mapping is in stage 2 of Wardley’s evolution, which means we should embrace exploration, competing models, and divergence. By keeping mapping weird, you'll help Map Camp attendees see that there's still so much to discover and learn, and by extension so much room for new ideas and contributions!

If you have any questions or need assistance with this CFP, please contact Jane.

Not ready to speak? Join our audience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Map Camp 2024?

Map Camp 2024 will be held online in Zoom.

When is Map Camp 2024?

19 September 2024. Get your tickets here!

When is the deadline for talk proposals?


What is the format?

We are accepting proposals for 10-minute talks that include a Wardley Map, to be delivered online via Zoom.

Who is the audience?

Map Camp attendees come from all sorts of backgrounds and areas of expertise. Some will be experienced with Wardley Mapping, many will be very early in their practice, and quite a few will be totally new to it. Some will be C-level executives. Others will be individual contributors. Many will be somewhere in between.

Attendees also map for many different reasons. Some may map competitive strategy in the enterprise. Others will map for environmental activitism, or even to design the best way to get the kids out the door in the morning. Some use Wardley Mapping for software architecture. Some map to find the unique value of their startup. Others just want to make sense of very messy situations.

Regardless of their differences, we expect the attendees to have two key things in common:

1) interest in Wardley Mapping, and

2) a desire to be a kind and curious participant in this year's Map Camp.

What should you take away from all this? Well, don’t worry about writing the perfect talk, and don't try to be everything for everyone! But please, do keep the audience in mind as you propose your talk.

If you want to learn about our Map Camp attendees, search the #mapcamp tweets from previous years to see what people have to say.

When will selected speakers be contacted?


Will I get free admission if my talk gets selected?


Will I get paid if my talk gets selected?

Sorry, but not this year.

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